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Buying Used Building Materials: A Great Way to Recycle

When you build a home, you’ll use an average of 8,000 pounds of waste during the project. Each year, over 136 million tons of waste is produced from new home and other types of construction and demolition projects. This waste goes into the landfill where it causes trouble.  If you want to keep this out of the landfill and do your part to keep the world a great place, you can recycle instead.

It is easy to recycle your building materials to keep them out of the landfill. You may wish to use one or more of the techniques to keep your building materials out of the landfill; it is up to you. Remember, you can also purchase used building materials portland or during your construction project to further reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy other perks as well. The price of used building materials is one of the biggest benefits that come to those who buy these products.

You can recycle your building materials by donating them to a local agency. Many organizations need these supplies for their nonprofit to succeed. The Habitat for Humanity is one of the many organizations that will accept your used building materials to use toward their own projects.

Neighbors and others who are completing projects may want to have these materials that you no longer need. It is easy to put an ad up for the donation to anyone in the community who is willing to come pick it up. Use social media and newspapers to help you donate the materials to people in the area.

used building materials portland or

It just makes sense to buy used when building a home or other type of facility. You’ll need many materials but when you buy them used, it isn’t so hard to get these items that you need. It is nice to do something to protect the earth and your pockets!