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Why is My Second-Story Warmer Than the Second?

Heat rises, which most people know. So, it is with little wonder why the upstairs at your home may be warmer than the bottom. However, this may overshadow problems with the HVAC unit, since people tend to think that nothing else is causing the heat to rise. Don’t take this attitude and pay for it later. You may find that it is hotter upstairs than it is downstairs due to many different problems with the unit as well.

Bad A/C Unit

No one wants to replace their air conditioner. It is expensive and a major improvement that takes several days to complete. However, when the signs say the unit needs to be replaced, you cannot wait to pick up the phone and call hvac contractors montgomery county tx. Replacing the suit at the first sign of a problem reduces trouble and expense.

hvac contractors montgomery county tx

Bad Ductwork

Bad ductwork may also cause heat to rise in the home. Perhaps it is a broken part or maybe it is simply pieces that are worn out. Whatever the reason, the ductwork may allow the heat to pass through, which makes it hotter upstairs.

Problems in the Attic

If your attic is insulated, it may cause heat to rise upstairs and the cool air to sleep downstairs. You certainly don’t want to keep the basement cool while everyone else in the home suffers. Talk to a pro concerning attic insulation if you want to reduce risks.

Don’t assume that the upstairs of the home is warmer than the downstairs simple because heat rises. The issues above are some of the most common reasons that your house has such a difference in temperatures. Perhaps you need a HVAC professional to remedy this problem to give you back your comfort.